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About AutoBahn Ltd.

Autobahn Limited was initially established on the 2nd of May 1995, at which time the company excelled in the purchasing and selling of second hand local vehicles and also in the selling of new vehicles. During the next five years the company became well known around the Maltese Islands for its service. It was in the year of 2000 that Autobahn Limited started to deal in the importation of Japanese vehicles, providing the local market with quality cars at affordable prices.

Nine years later Autobahn limited is one of Malta’s leading importers of Japanese Vehicles, however it is also well known for its outstanding services in the purchasing and selling of second hand local vehicles, and the selling of new cars. Autobahn Limited is an authorized dealer and importer of vehicles and as of 2003 has been an official member of the Used Vehicles Importers’ Association, know as UVIA.

The main objectives of Autobahn Limited, is maximum customer satisfaction. The management and staff of Autobahn Limited aim at providing this satisfaction through the effort in matching an individual to his/ her desired vehicle of purchase and in ensuring that the vehicle is received by the client in impeccable condition. However this quality service is also offered after the sale, as the management and staff are continuously available for the clarification of any queries. This after sales service is extended to a written guarantee on selected vehicles that are purchased from Autobahn Limited.

In addition to these services, a client is given the opportunity to have his vehicle insurance handled by Autobahn Limited (as registered tied insurance intermediaries* for Atlas Insurance PCC Limited), further saving the client time and money.

Due to the fact that the staff, understand that every clients situation may vary on a financial level, they are working in collaboration with HSBC Malta, via a direct link, to provide their clients with flexibility in the purchasing of their vehicles. The worldwide familiar bank HSBC has instilled its trust in the independent company Autobahn Limited by offering clients the opportunity to pay for their vehicle in monthly bases, when purchased from this reliable company.

Clients are also welcome at all times to visit our offices and to browse through our wide selection of vehicles that are available on display. At this point in time Autobahn Limited has one of the largest yard of vehicles in Malta. However should our clientele prefer to peruse through our selection of vehicles from the comfort of their own homes or offices, an extensive variety of vehicles, varying in models and prices, can be seen on our website, where each vehicle has listed specifications along with photos displaying the vehicle from a array of different angles. This allows clientele far and near to take as much time as needed to browse through the different vehicles, as if they are standing right in our car yard.

Autobahn Limited prides itself in considering the individual needs of all of our clients and in fitting the car to the person. This is done in such a manner which is time saving, affordable, and quality providing in service and result. In other words….WHERE PRICE AND SERVICE MEET.


*Autobahn Limited is enrolled under the Insurance Intermediaries Act 2006, through enrolment number C18199, to act as a tied insurance intermediary for Atlas Insurance PCC Limited, which is authorized under the Act and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. The policies are underwritten by the company concerned.

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